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Server responded: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ') ORDER BY topic_type DESC,topic_lastmessage DESC' at line 17

The script was attempting to do the following action:

SELECT topic_id,topic_name,topic_comment,topic_poll,topic_starter,topic_guest,topic_views,topic_status,topic_displaced,topic_fromtopicgroup,topic_lastmessage,topic_nbreply,topic_type, msg_timestamp,msg_id,msg_userid,msg_guest, lastusers.usr_name AS last_usr_name, startusers.usr_name AS start_usr_name, lastgrp.gr_id AS last_gr_id, lastgrp.gr_color AS last_gr_color, startgrp.gr_id AS start_gr_id, startgrp.gr_color AS start_gr_color FROM cb_topics t LEFT JOIN cb_messages m ON m.msg_id=t.topic_lastmessage LEFT OUTER JOIN cb_users lastusers ON lastusers.usr_id=m.msg_userid LEFT OUTER JOIN cb_users startusers ON startusers.usr_id=t.topic_starter LEFT OUTER JOIN cb_groups startgrp ON startgrp.gr_id=startusers.usr_class LEFT OUTER JOIN cb_groups lastgrp ON lastgrp.gr_id=lastusers.usr_class WHERE topic_id IN () ORDER BY topic_type DESC,topic_lastmessage DESC